Process Modelling

Mathematical modelling of physical, chemical and thermodynamic processes for plant design and optimisation

A process model is a live digital representation of a process flowsheet. Changes to inputs and constraints result in corresponding changes to outputs that respect mass and energy conservation, thermodynamics, chemistry, and control logic.

We work with owners and engineers to produce process models for any stage of the project life-cycle.

Steady-state process models form the basis for flowsheet development, equipment sizing and process optimisation. We offer steady-state modelling in SysCAD® and METSIM® to any level of detail – desktop study through detailed design and into production. Typical processes modelled include comminution, flotation, leaching, solid-liquid separation, precipitation, solvent extraction, electrowinning, reagent regeneration and effluent treatment.

Dynamic simulation is offered in SysCAD® and ITHACA® and is used to understand and quantify process behaviour through time during periods of change. Examples of cases that benefit from dynamic simulation are:

Batch and semi-batch processes operating on the main production stream, such as a heap leach or batch bio-reactors
Interstage surge capacity sizing for linked processes that have significantly different levels of utilisation
Hazardous reactor design and HAZOP/HAZID analysis, allowing the control philosophy to be tested under a simulated range of circumstances
Impact of extreme and/or seasonal weather on a site water balance

We also produce custom dynamic simulation solutions, such as HeapSMART, for operating sites that wish to embed simulation into their production process. For these cases we use ITHACA as the simulation engine, wrapped in a custom user interface. Finished solutions are licenced to the end user and training and ongoing support provided as required.

Other Services


Process review, plant troubleshooting, metallurgical accounting and testwork program design.

Process Engineering

Process design, capital and operating cost estimation, due diligence and trade-off studies.

Digital Twin Solutions

Computer simulation of operating plants to forecast process behaviour and outcomes.

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