A low-cost, general-purpose dynamic process simulator for all industries

Build The Flowsheet

Unit operation models are built from basic blocks – anything from stripping columns to batch reactors to ponds and reservoirs are easily assembled. The models are configured for physical parameters and any chemistry and phase-change, and can be saved to a library for re-use and sharing. Mass and energy flow information is conveyed between unit operations by streams at user-specified rates.

Configure Events

Discontinuities in flowsheet operation such as scheduled downtime, batch cycling, weather events, set-point changes, equipment start-up and more are configured as required. The suite of available building blocks and logic tools enable the development of rich, event-driven simulations.

Assess Risk

Use stochastic value generators to model probabilistic inputs such as daily rainfall or equipment break-down rates. Then use Monte Carlo simulation to determine the likelihood of selected outcomes, for example pond contaminant levels or plant availability

Monitor & Control

Process control loops and logic are defined and configured in order to match the behaviour of the real or intended plant or flow network. Data visualisation widgets can be set up to display parameter values or calculation results as trend or bar charts.


Select options such as energy balancing and enthalpy of mixing, duration of simulation, and the level of precision to which each time-step will be converged. Track simulation progress via data visualisation widgets and equipment report charts. On completion a record of simulation results is output in MS Excel format for ease of visualisation and integration into other tools and models

Users’ Feedback

“Core has used ITHACA on a wide range of processes, and found it to be invaluable for understanding the response of processes to changing inputs and conditions; it has become a critical tool for us in developing robust process designs for processes from pilot plants to full scale operations. ITHACA is a highly cost effective tool which I can recommend to any process engineer looking to reduce process risk and add value for their clients.”
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