Digital Twin Solutions

Computer simulation of operating plants to forecast process behaviour and outcomes

The process digital twin is a virtual version of a real-world process that takes in real plant and environmental data and simulates subsequent process behaviour in time by applying a range of mathematical models. Depending on user requirements, digital twins may run continuously in real time or be operated in batch mode as needed. Digital twins may combine a range of mathematical models, such as empirical correlations, probabilistic/stochastic models, first-principles physical models and discrete events, to produce the required level of simulation fidelity. Digital twins are used for production forecasting, scenario testing, operator training and more.
We work closely with our clients to develop tailored digital twin solutions that help operators stay ahead of their process, allowing them to manage change, achieve processing targets and improve safety and efficiency. Metallurgical accounting and reconciliation, production forecasting, production reporting and site water balance modelling are all common applications, and project deliverables include user training, instruction manual, software licencing and ongoing support, as required.

Other Services


Process review, plant troubleshooting, metallurgical accounting and testwork program design.

Process Modelling

Mathematical modelling of physical, chemical and thermodynamic processes for plant design and optimisation.

Process Engineering

Process design, capital and operating cost estimation, due diligence and trade-off studies.

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