Metallurgy Engineering Simulation

Core technical expertise is provided by owner and principal consultant Oliver Kloiber-Deane. Oliver has worked in hydrometallurgy since 2002 and has degrees in chemical engineering and mathematics. Experts in other fields are brought on board as required to satisfy project demands.

“Hello, I’m Oliver. I’ve been solving metallurgical process challenges for over 20 years!”

It brings me great satisfaction to take on complex problems and return a neat solution, in the process making a client’s life easier.

I started my career in the hydrometallurgy of nickel, copper and cobalt sulphides, covering the design and operating aspects of pressure oxidation, iron removal, solvent extraction, electrowinning and ammonia recovery. Since then my metallurgical experience has grown to include pressure acid leaching, oxidative tank leaching and both sulphide and oxide heap leaching.

In 2004 I became involved in the computer modelling of these processes and have since become an expert METSIM user. In 2012 I completed a master’s degree in mathematics that enabled me to develop ITHACA, the dynamic process simulation application behind our dynamic modelling and digital twin offerings.

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Metallurgy Engineering Simulation

Excellence in early-stage project development
flowsheet option and trade-off studies
project techno-economic evaluation
bench and pilot test-work campaign design and management
Input to later-stage projects
Peer review/due diligence
Design optimisation (e.g. surge and availability studies)
General process modelling support
Operations support
Plant metallurgical reconciliation
De-bottlenecking and optimisation
Predictive modelling for improved process control

Client Testimonials

“PPM has utilised the service of Element [Process] on several occasions to carry out detailed process modelling and mass balances for PFS and DFS level studies. We have found the services provided by Element to be of an exceptionally high standard in terms of the quality and accuracy of the modelling and clarity of the subsequent reports.”
Managing Director

PPM Global

“I have worked with Oliver for many years on projects for different commodities, countries and clients. He has been by far the most proficient and expedient modeller of complex processing engineering projects that I have experienced. The ability Oliver has in being able to unravel all information presented from clients and owners and to present in a functional and useful manner using complicated tools is extremely beneficial and well worth the frugal investment. Thanks Oliver for your consistent support and outstanding work over the years.”
Senior Manager - Technical and Operations

Pala Investments

"Core has used ITHACA on a wide range of processes, and found it to be invaluable for understanding the response of processes to changing inputs and conditions; it has become a critical tool for us in developing robust process designs for processes from pilot plants to full scale operations. ITHACA is a highly cost effective tool which I can recommend to any process engineer looking to reduce process risk and add value for their clients."
General Manager

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