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Bring clarity to complexity with our track record in hydrometallurgy, process modelling and process engineering. Consulting to junior explorers, multi-national miners and engineering service companies for 18 years. 

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What We Do

We help operators and engineers meet processing challenges, add value and stay ahead of their plant so that they can get on with production. Our solutions are built around rigorous simulation, driven by data, and shaped by years of operating, testwork and design experience.
At the heart of our service is a passion for problem solving and a belief in the power of analysis and simulation to provide the process intelligence needed for better operational and design decision-making.

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Completed Projects

Latest Projects

Digital Twin Software Development

Development of a process simulation tool for a copper sulphide heap leach operation. The tool predicts copper production as well as solution grades, volumes and flows throughout the flowsheet to support medium and long-term planning.

Prefeasibility Study Process Modelling

Steady-state modelling of a hydrometallurgical process recovering copper and cobalt from sulphide and oxide feeds via autoclave and tank leaching, respectively. Copper recovery to cathode followed by solution purification and cobalt recovery to oxide precipitate.

Process Modelling for Plant Troubleshooting

Steady-state modelling of an operating hydrometallurgical zinc refinery. A base case model of the existing process was developed to allow comparisons with proposed process improvements.

Our History

Element Process was formed in 2019 to continue the work of Element Resource Consulting and Element Process Technology under one name. We have been consulting in process engineering, hydrometallurgy and process simulation since 2005, and developing process simulation software since 2010.

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Client Testimonials

“PPM has utilised the service of Element [Process] on several occasions to carry out detailed process modelling and mass balances for PFS and DFS level studies. We have found the services provided by Element to be of an exceptionally high standard in terms of the quality and accuracy of the modelling and clarity of the subsequent reports.”
Managing Director

PPM Global

“I have worked with Oliver for many years on projects for different commodities, countries and clients. He has been by far the most proficient and expedient modeller of complex processing engineering projects that I have experienced. The ability Oliver has in being able to unravel all information presented from clients and owners and to present in a functional and useful manner using complicated tools is extremely beneficial and well worth the frugal investment. Thanks Oliver for your consistent support and outstanding work over the years.”
Senior Manager - Technical and Operations

Pala Investments

“Foresight is far better than hindsight and that is what Element Process delivered for us by modeling our copper leaching process from stacking ore all the way through to water treatment and water balance. Oliver can model existing operations and predict future performance. The foresight is created by using the physics and chemistry of a proposed process to create a model that estimates results prior to construction. The insights gained from analyzing predicted results, thinking about improvements and testing processing options, is invaluable.”
Head of Mine Planning

Medeka Copper Gold

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